BS or Genius? Forearm Forklift Lifting Straps

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We bought these straps out of a desperate attempt to move some really heavy stuff with minimal people during a move. My dryer is HEAVY. My China cabinet is also HEAVY. Like back breaking heavy. We have moved numerous times. When I say numerous I really mean too many times.

These straps really do work. We have saved our backs and sanity because of these. The power of leverage! I could sound like an infomercial, that is how much I love these things. Cannot and will not move without them. If I lose my straps I would go buy more before I move again. We hired a company last year to help move and they went to purchase a set after using ours. The only place, besides the web, I know have these are Home Depot.


BS or Genius? Cleaning a glass top stove with baking soda.

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Okay, now it's MY turn. My stove has had a buildup of grease left by the former owner that just WON'T come off. Even after a scrub and a razor scraping there is still a residue and darkened area from grease.

Blogger states that all you need is a bowl of hot soapy water, towel, baking soda and per her recommendation, gloves.

Okay, CHECK! Minus the gloves because,'s baking soda guys, not acid.

Soak the towel in hot soapy water, CHECK! Minus the bowl because I have a sink for that purpose.

Onward to the next step!
Sprinkle the baking soda around generously, CHECK! With the help of a tiny assistant.

Lay the saturated towel on to of the stove. CHECK!

Okay, let it sit for 15 minutes. Check.
Check after 15....let sit for another 15...
Checked again...let it sit for 2 hours....
Time to unveil my success, -I hoped.

 This is after I cleaned up the wet baking soda.
Still there, is the ring of despair. This is after I put in some elbow grease and really gave it a scrub with the wet baking soda, turned paste.

All dry and mostly shiny, except for the parts that weren't...
I give this a BS. BS. BS.
Why 3?
Because it makes a ridiculous mess that could have been avoided had I used my regular cleaner with a razor. Also note: You will most likely be cleaning off of the floor too.