BS or Genius? Baking a Cake Using Coke Instead of Milk & Eggs

Chocolate Cake mix
1 liter Cherry Coke (some to cook with and some to drink :) )
 Eggs (optional) you can replace eggs also using 2 Tbs of coke per egg.
Follow instructions on the cake mix box replacing milk and eggs with coke. My mix called for 1 1/2 cups of milk and 3 eggs. I used 1 1/2 c Coke and 2 eggs plus 2 Tbs more Coke to replace the 1 egg.

 Here is the claim:
 I was hoping to make a "Cherry Chocolate Cake" and it turned out FANTASTIC except for the "cherry" part. There was no flavor of cherry anywhere to be found! The cake was so moist it was falling apart. I used a chocolate frosting with bits of fudge in it which added a yummy richness to it. It was a hit! I give this a "Genius" rating! Perfect for those with a milk or egg allergy.

Submitted By: Madison G.

Freezing Fresh Peaches - Step By Step

Items needed:
cutting board
sharp knife
boiling water
bowl of ice water
cling wrap
shallow pan(s)

    Before we get going, let me start by telling you that this is not a beauty contest. Not all of your peaches will be nice to you and allow you to open them up and rip their pit out without a fight. I had about 3 peachy little ass holes do this to me. Now you know.

    Prepare a large pot of boiling water big enough to submerge 4 peaches in. Also, near your stove have a large bowl of icy water ready. Then you will need a cutting board, sharp knife, and a pan lined with cling wrap OR wax paper.

Step 1: On the bottom of the peach, cut a shallow "X" into the skin.
Step 2: Gently put about 4 peaches at a time into the pot of boiling water for 60 seconds.
 Step 3: Remove peaches and immediately place them into the ice water.
Step 4: After the peaches cool for a minute or so, remove the skin from the peach by using the "X" you cut earlier.
Step 5: Cut, from top to bottom, a ring around the peach. Cut all the way to the pit. Then pull peach apart to remove pit. This is when the mess will happen, especially if the peach is ripe.

Step 6: Cut peaches into slices and place on a lined pan or cookie sheet and cover with cling wrap.
See the little ass holes on the upper right? Don't let them hurt your feelings. It happens.
Step 7: Stick them in the freezer for about an hour. Remove from sheet and seal them in a baggie removing most of the air. Viola! Easy enough, right?